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Typhoon 8600 Variable Mode Imager Laser Scanning System

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This Laser Imaging System consists of the Typhoon 8600 Variable Mode Imager as well as a computer, monitor and keyboard with which to run Scanner Control software.

The Typhoon™ 8600 Variable Mode Imager unites proven storage phosphor autoradiography technology with fourcolour fluorescent labelling techniques for maximum data quality in a single, high-throughput system. For DNA, RNA, and protein samples, users can choose from; storage phosphor autoradiography, direct green excited fluorescence, direct red excited fluorescence as well as chemiluminescence.

When you select one of the four scanning modes, the appropriate optical components automatically activate. Typhoon scans mounted and unmounted storage phosphor screens, plus gels and blots up to 35 × 43 cm. Typhoon exhibits both outstanding linearity and quantitative accuracy, and includes ImageQuant image analysis software for Windows or Macintosh. When software is used alongside this module it is called the Typhoon 8610 High Performance Laser Scanning System.

A Typhoon 8600 series variable mode imager system has two excitation sources for fluorescence imaging; a green (532 nm) as well as a red (633 nm) laser.

Fluorescent Imaging Applications:


  • Filters: 6 emission filters, 2 beam splitters, and up to 13 emission filter positions
  • Detection : 2 high-sensitivity PMTs
  • Imaging modes : 4-color automated fluorescence detection, direct chemiluminescence, as well as storage phosphor

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