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Thermo Heraeus Multifuge X3FR Centrifuge

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This 4 x 750 ml Heraeus Multifuge X3FR floor refrigerated centrifuge from Thermo Scientific,
both in ventilated and refrigerated units, are ideal for high-performance applications of
temperature-sensitive samples, with chamber and sample control between -10°C and +40°C.

With a floor-standing configuration to conserve valuable bench space as well as a smaller footprint than a rolling cart, the X3FR saves you additional lab space. A low working height of 79 cm provides outstanding ergonomics when removing tubes and exchanging rotors. Fully portable with secure lockable castors— ideal for moving around the lab and easy cleaning, helping to prevent contamination. Easily transported, positioned and safely locked for enhanced flexibility and improved ergonomics during loading, unloading and everyday programming, this centrifuge represents the ideal setup for smooth runs in total safety.

The Thermo Heraeus Multifuge X3FR Centrifuge separates components by generation of Relative Centrifugal Force. It separates human samples (e.g. blood, urine and other body fluids) or mixtures collected in appropriate containers. As a general-purpose centrifuge, its design also allows it to also run other containers filled with chemicals, environmental samples and other non-human body samples.

The Heraeus Multifuge X3 F / X3 FR is an in-vitro diagnostics device according to the In-Vitro Diagnostics Directive 98/79/EC. You can use several rotors with a wide range of tubes. You can reach your set speed within seconds. The maintenance-free induction motor ensures both quiet and low-vibration operation even at high speeds, and guarantees a very long lifetime.

Safety features:

  • The housing and rotor chamber consists of the steel plate interior, while the front panel is high-impact resistant plastic.
  • The lid has a view port and a lock.
  • The lid of the centrifuge can only be opened while the centrifuge is switched on and the rotor has
    come to a complete stop. The centrifuge cannot be started until the lid has been closed properly.
  • The integrated rotor detection systems ensures that no inadmissible speed settings can be preselected.
  • Electronic imbalance recognition
  • Lid emergency release: For emergencies only, e.g. during power failures

The user-friendly control panel makes it easy to pre-set the speed, RCF value, running time, temperature, and running profile (acceleration and braking curves). You can choose between the display of speed and RCF or the entry mode. You can change these settings even while the centrifuge is running. With the help of the PULSE key , you can also centrifuge a sample for just a few seconds, if called for.

Auto-Lock® III Rotor System Secure locking system delivers; Installation and exchange of rotors with just the push of a button for quick switch between applications; Easy chamber access enables cleaning convenience, reducing contamination risk and leading to improved research and a healthier working environment

Advanced SmartSpin technology rotor management system optimizes acceleration, braking, temperature control and residual load imbalance for smooth runs and reproducible separations

ClickSeal Bucket Sealing System Innovative biocontainment solution. Simple operation for all laboratory users, eliminating screw caps and complicated clips. Glove-friendly, one-handed open/close capability. Biocontainment certification by CAMR. Polyetherimide (PEI) sealing covers with high chemical resistance and excellent thermal properties.

This listing includes a multitude of adapter accessories, as per the photographs.

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Additional information

Weight142.5 kg
Dimensions55 × 67 × 84 cm


Heraeus Multifuge X3 FR




This item has been powered on, tested by our engineer, and is in working condition.

Maximum Speed

15200rpm depending on the rotor
The rotor provided has a maximum of 4200rpm, this item has been tested and is working to this speed.

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