Thermo Dionex ICS-5000 AS-DV Ion Chromatography System

Modular high-pressure capillary ion chromatography system.

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The Thermo Dionex ICS-5000 is a modular high-pressure capillary ion chromatography system.

The DC-5 optimises chromatography with its organised three-section layout (separation, detection, and automation) minimising connection lengths to enhance peak efficiencies. Independent temperature control in the separation compartment ensures optimal conditions for injection valves, guard columns, and separation columns, supporting up to six simultaneous temperature settings for versatile chromatographic applications.

The EG-5 eluent generator efficiently produces eluents up to 200 mM, operating at ten microliters per minute and using only 15 mL of eluent daily. Supporting both analytical and capillary eluent generation, it purifies eluents with deionised water. Maintenance is simplified with a slide-out tray, while a single eluent preparation lasts up to four weeks, reducing labor and waste. Trap and purification columns ensure consistent, high-quality results.

Constructed with chemically inert materials like PEEK™ heads, polymer seals, and sapphire pistons, the DP-5 dual-piston pump offers durability and reliability. An integrated seal wash system prevents eluent crystallisation, prolonging seal life with easy-access pump assemblies for maintenance. Customisable features include user-selectable pressure limits and configurable alarms in Chromeleon software for safety and control.


Features of the Thermo Dionex ICS-5000 Ion Chromatography System:

DC-5 Detector/Chromatography

  • Housing for Components
  • Minimises Connection Lengths
    • Minimises Delay Volumes
    • Improve Peak Efficiency

EG-5 Eluent Generator

  • On Demand High-Purity Eluents
    • Up to 200 mM
  • “Just Add Water” Eluent Generation
  • Eluent Purification
  • Electrolytic Suppression
  • Eluent Chemistry Options
    • Carbonate & Hydroxide Applications (Anion Analysis)
    • MSA (Cation Separations)
  • Single or Dual-System Format


  • Variable Speed
  • Serial Dual-Piston
  • Consistent Flow Rate
  • Pressure Ripple:
    • <0.2% at Capillary Flow Rates
    • <1% at Analytical Flow Rates
  • Chemically Inert Pump Flow Components
  • Automated Piston Seal Wash
    • Prevents Eluent Crystallisation
  • User-Selectable Pressure Limits
    • Auto Flow Stop in Case of Leak, Flow Restriction, Depleted Eluent Reservoir
  • User-Configurable Alarms
  • Front Panel Status Display:
    • Power
    • Pump Flow
    • Priming
    • Connectivity (Chromeleon Control)
    • Alarms


Computer and Software Included

Manual for the Thermo Dionex ICS-5000

Brochure for the Thermo Dionex ICS-5000

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Dimensions58 × 45 × 43 cm






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Manual for the Thermo Dionex ICS-5000

Brochure for the Thermo Dionex ICS-5000

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