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SkyScan 1074 Portable X-Ray Micro CT System

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SkyScan produce many Micro-CT Modules like this 1074. Micro-computed tomography or “micro-CT” is x-ray imaging in 3D. It’s the same method as hospital CT or CAT scans but on a small scale with increased resolution. It really represents true 3D microscopy, where very fine scale internal structure of objects is imaged non-destructively. No sample preparation, no staining, no thin slicing. A single scan will image complete internal 3D structure of your object, plus you get your intact sample back afterwards.

A micro-focus x-ray source illuminates the object and a planar x-ray detector collects magnified images. Based on hundreds of angular views acquired while the object rotates, a computer synthesises a stack of virtual cross section slices through the object. You can then scroll through the cross sections, interpolating sections along different planes, to inspect the internal structure. Selecting simple or complex volumes of interest, you can measure 3D morphometric parameters and create realistic visual models for virtual travel within the object.

Bruker SkyScan 1074 Portable X-ray Micro-CT

This SkyScan 1074 Micro CT is a portable, cost effective instrument. Fast scanning, straightforward control and maintenance free operation make the 1074 an ideal solution for scientific research, quality control as well as industrial applications. The scanner can run from any desk top or portable computer, requiring just one USB port and a FireWire input.

Computer, Monitor, Keyboard & Information Booklet included in this purchase.

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SkyScan 1074




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