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This Critical Care Haemostasis Information System features a Shimadzu ILab 650 Automatic Biochemistry Analyser for in vitro diagnostic use, a computer, monitor and printer.

The Shimadzu IL Model ILab 650 Automatic Biochemistry Analyser

The ILab 650 offers you the higher number of active tests on board within the mid size range of Chemistry Analysers. With up to 100 active tests on board including general chemistries, specific proteins, TDM as well as DAT; it offers the flexibility to consolidate workstations in medium sized laboratories and due to its open nature, consolidation of speciality tests in the larger laboratory too.

The Shimadzu ILab 650 Biochemistry Analyser System can analyse 400 photometric tests per hour. The analyser has a small footprint and an elegant industrial design as well as external PC control running under Windows XP. The easy to use software offers a full audit trail of patient data. This links individual results directly to calibration and QC information, with material lot numbers, analysed prior to the patient result.

Cups and different size tubes can be easily accommodated in the universal sample tray. 75 positions mostly barcoded for routine samples, STAT, standards and controls… Samples are on board, let the ILab take over.

The ILab 650 offers you the highest “productivity to size ratio”: a powerful maximum throughput of 800 test per hour (400 photometric+400 ISE), a fast turnaround of STAT samples with all results handled in real time.

ILab 650 can manage multiple lot numbers of reagents, calibrators as well as control material. Track each patient result to:

  • The relative QC result
  • The associated calibration curve
  • The lots of reagent, calibrator and control material used.

This conforms well with the Good Laboratory Practices requirements.

IL reagents have been both developed and validated for use on ILab systems; this allows us to guarantee a high level of analytical performance. IL manufacturing applies state of the art quality system which ensures production of the highest quality reagents.

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