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Scanlaf Fortuna 1200 Laminar Flow Cabinet

Laminar airflow cabinet for use in a range of microbiology applications where a sterile working environment is needed.

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The Scanlaf Fortuna 1200 is a laminar flow cabinet for microbiology and related applications. The air flow is HEPA filtered, providing optimal protection of your product, samples and equipment. The cabinet is designed for PCR, cell culture, microbiology applications, microprocessor manufacturing, plant tissue culture, micro-electronics assembly and optics servicing, and all other applications where a sterile environment is needed.

Digitally control the air speed to suit the application, with normal air flow as standard, and the ability to slow or turn off the flow if required, for example when working with powders or very delicate samples. The unit features an integrated light, as well as front and side windows, ensuring optimal visibility of the workspace. The motor-driven front window has an ergonomic design which slopes away from the user.

Features of the Scanlaf Fortuna 1200:

  • Microprocessor controller with LCD display indicating fan and alarm status
  • Three air modes: Fan off , reduced air velocity or normal air velocity
  • Flow velocity sensors and alarms
  • Pre-setting of automatic start-up, timer for delay start
  • Full programming of alarms and fans through password protection
  • Sloped front for maximum operator comfort
  • Motor-driven sliding front window
  • Side windows for optimum visibility
  • One-piece table top provides a large working area
  • 2 electrical sockets allow the use of additional equipment such as hotplates
  • Support stand not included


Download user manual for Scanlaf Fortuna 1200 Laminar Flow Cabinet

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Dimensions68 × 132 × 126 cm


Fortuna 1200




30 days (Richmond Promise)


User manual for Scanlaf Fortuna 1200 Laminar Flow Cabinet

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