Pol-Eko ZLN-UT 130 VIP Ultra-Low Freezer

130 L Chamber Capacity, Temperature Range: -86 to -50°C


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Ultra-low freezers are used for deep freezing of biotechnological samples and other materials which should be stored at very low temperature. The ZLN-UT 300 freezer is designed for use in a range of applications, including biotechnology, pharmacy and research. Fitted with your choice of Smart or Smart PRO touchscreen controller, the freezer offers complete control, allowing you to set customisable temperature programs, including ramp times. All events, including temperature changes, times the door was opened, and more are recorded automatically, and can easily be downloaded.

As with most Pol-Eko laboratory equipment, the ZLN-UT Freezer can be customised to meet the requirements of your lab. Choose between the comfort or premium configurations; with a Smart or Smart PRO controller (See full details below).

Features of the Pol-Eko ZLN-UT 130 VIP Ultra-Low Freezer:

  • Powder coated sheet housing (grey colour)
  • Stainless steel 0H18 (DIN 1.4301) interior
  • VIP panel insulation with natural convection
  • 1 full shelf with hole
  • Chamber capacity: 130 litres
  • Temperature range: -86°C to -50°C
  • Temperature resolution: every 0.1°C
  • 4,3″ full colour touch screen for comfortable use
  • Maximum unit workload: 45kg
  • Access port to enter an external sensor (Ø20 mm) on the left side of the unit
  • LAN port and USB port
  • Door lock
  • Open door alarm
  • Full external doors
  • Full doors for each internal chamber
  • Controller spare batteries in case of power failure
  • WiFi communication (only Smart Pro)
  • LAN cable (only Smart Pro)
  • LabDesk software for, inter alia, downloading data to computer (only Smart Pro, for Smart version – optional)

Compare Smart vs Smart PRO Controllers

The ZLN-UT freezer comes equipped with your choice of Smart or Smart PRO controller, enabling intuitive real-time recording capabilities. Keep a complete record of the internal temperature, times that the door was opened/closed, and a real-time record of temperature programs for the best in record keeping and reporting. Data is presented as a table or chart, depending on your preference.

Spoilt for choice? Compare your options:

SmartSmart PRO
ControllerSmartSmart PRO
Temperature protection class23.2
InteriorAcid-Proof StainlessAcid-Proof Stainless
Account typesUser / Admin / Super admin
Program segments6100
ScheduleNo10 saved
NetworkLANLAN and WiFi



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ZLN-UT 130




2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


Smart, Smart Pro


Data sheet for Pol-Eko ZLN-UT 130 VIP Ultra-Low Freezer

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