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Phileas Genius Airborne Disinfection Unit

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With the portable Phileas Genius Airborne Disinfection Unit, you can disinfect enclosed spaces, biosafety cabinets, incubators as well as labs.

The Phileas Airborne Disinfection (Vaporized H2O2) System uses the concept of spinning disc technology. This allows for a very efficient diffusion of a Hydrogen Peroxide Solution into droplets you can calibrate of 5 to 10µm, and can diffuse the resulting dry fog or vapor into the given space, workstation or room to treat it, doing away with the need for a propulsive gas or a nozzle system.  The Phileas  Units are very simple, reliable and efficient.  Suitable for treatment of all types of volumes from the smallest (less than 1m³) to the largest volume (several thousand m³) and the flexibility of various configurations (height, multi rooms).

Phileas Genius is an autonomous unit for the airborne disinfection of surfaces, based on a centrifugal nebulizing system.

The inherent complexity of achieving disinfection in very small spaces requires the use of techniques that are both precise and effective in order to reach and eliminate all of the present microorganisms.
The microorganisms could potentially be present on any surface (walls, racks, work surfaces), or even equipment or consumables.
Battery-powered (NiMh) operation and programming cycles, enables optimized disinfection in complete autonomy.

With its rotative head and height-adjustable foot, you can easily insert the Phileas Genius Airborne Disinfector into the structure of; isolators, freeze-dryers, biosafety cabinets, sterilizing ovens, as well as serving hatches or double-door locks. You can use its large handles with gloves. It is designed especially for treating very small volumes between 0.25m³ and 5m³.

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Phileas Genius




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