Perkin Elmer UV/Vis Spectrophotometer Lambda 25

The Lambda 25 is a versatile spectrometer operating in the ultraviolet (UV) and visible (Vis) spectral ranges.

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The Lambda 25 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer increases productivity, generating high-quality results the first time, every time. Perkin Elmer Lambda systems are easy to operate and deliver results you can trust with the minimum of operator training. It’s easy to develop simple, robust methods and ensure they’re followed without mistakes. Day-to-day UV/Vis analyses can be faster, simpler and more dependable than ever before.

UV WinLab software works the way you work, guiding you through a step-by-step process that simplifies analysis from sample entry to report generation, eliminating costly mistakes and delivering rapid results. You can rely on proven technology to deliver consistently high quality results over the lifetime of the system.

The Lambda 25 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer features an all-reflecting optical system. The optical components are coated with silica for durability. A holographic grating is used in the monochromator. The monochromator is a holographic concave grating with 1053 lines/mm in the centre. Two radiation sources, a deuterium lamp and a halogen lamp, cover the working wavelength range of the spectrometer. For operation in the visible (Vis) range, mirror M1 reflects the radiation from the halogen lamp onto source mirror M2. At the same time M1 blocks the radiation from the deuterium lamp.


  • True double-beam operation provides the best possible stability and allows references to be measured and corrected in real time.
  • Sealed and quartz-coated high-throughput optics ensure consistent performance throughout the instrument’s service life.
  • Fast scanning with no compromise in analytical performance.
  • Surpasses all regulatory body, quality system and pharmacopeia requirements.
  • Pre-alignment making deuterium and tungsten halogen lamps easier to replace.

UV WinLab software mimics the way you work, guiding you through method development, analysis, reporting and analysis of results in a series of simple steps – so it’s easy to keep in touch with all the stages of your analysis. UV WinLab archives all of your results and methods with a single mouse click in a secure, relational database. Transforming your data from a collection of individual results into valuable knowledge to help you make faster decisions. A range of intelligent querying options allows you to instantly answer questions from your customers and auditors and identify potential problems before they happen.

Industry Applications:

  • Environmental:
    UV/Vis spectroscopy is an important analytical technique used for the determination of metal and organic non-metal analytes in water. The Lambda 25 UV/Vis spec provides high optical quality and excellent performance specifications for this.
  • Petrochemical:
    This is solvent resistant and the sample area is easy to clean and well away from the instruments’ main electronics and thus minimizing damage from accidental solvent spills.
  • Food and Beverage:
    UV Winlab software allows the user to generate quick and easy methods for common food analyses without the need for extensive training ensuring that the correct results are reported without compromising food quality.
  • And more!

This equipment comes with the Users Guide, Brochure, Perkin Elmer Software Utilities Version 9.00, UV WinLab Accessory Software V2.0.3, UV WinLab V6.0, UV WinLab v6.0.x


See Manual Here

See Brochure Here

Additional information

Weight26.4 kg
Dimensions56 × 65 × 26 cm


Lambda 25




Powers on but has not yet been tested. Like all our listings, this item will be tested by our engineers prior to dispatch unless otherwise stated.

Range (nm)



1 (fixed)

Modes of Operation

Scanning, Wavelength Program, Timedrive, Rate, Quant, Scanning Quant.

Absorbance Range

3.2A (linearity 0.99r2)

Electrical Requirements

100-250 VAC
~ 50/60 Hz
3.15 AMP Type T
Max Power 250 VA

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