Perkin Elmer Optima 7000 DV ICP OES System, PolyScience 6100T Chiller, Lenovo ThinkCentre Computer and Accessories

This ICP OES System consists of the Optima 7000 DV ICP OES from Perkin Elmer, A portable chiller from PolyScience’s 6000 series, a Lenovo Computer and a collection of accessories for the system.

The Optima 7000 DV is ideal for water analysis. It’s the solution for research and quality assurance laboratories that have a wide variety of samples and lower frequency of analysis.

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Perkin Elmer Optima 7000 DV ICP Optical Emission Spectroscopy

The Optima 7000 DV ICP OES system brings advanced technology to laboratories requiring flexibility and excellent analytical performance for varied and moderate sample loads. The CCD array detector allows you to collect a complete analyte spectrum at speeds that far exceed competitive systems. Automatic dual viewing ensures the lowest detection limits and the widest working ranges.

The custom-designed solid-state CCD array detector, the solid-state RF power supply and the purged optical system provide both superior performance measurement stability and enhanced reliability. This reduces operating costs and ensures your instrument is available when needed. Computer-controlled gas flows and mass-flow control of the nebulizer gas ensure day-to-day reproducibility.

The Optima 7000 DV is significantly different from other ICP OES instruments. With both the power and reliability found only in high-end simultaneous research systems and the flexibility inherent to traditional systems.


  • The CCD array detector provides flexibility and speed
  • Exceptional reliability with a solidstate RF generator
  • Dual-view optical system ensures the widest working range and excellent detection limits
  • Auto-integration by Element dramatically improves sample throughput
  • Versatile wavelength selection for analysis flexibility
  • Dynamic Wavelength Stabilization eliminates peak profiling and searching, ensuring exceptional long-term stability
  • Enhanced sample throughput and performance with simultaneous background correction
  • WinLab32 Software provides all the tools you need to analyse your samples, report and archive
    data and ensure regulatory compliance

PolyScience 6100T Portable Recirculating Chiller

Your Recirculating Chiller provides cooling power for demanding applications and serves as an economical
alternative to tap water cooling systems. Extremely easy to use and maintain, it combines technological
innovation with precise temperature control to deliver reliable heat removal for a wide variety of applications.


  • Microprocessor-based temperature controller
  • Large, easy to read digital temperature display (°C or °F)
  • One-touch temperature set point adjustment
  • Digital pressure/flow rate display (PSI, kPa, GPM, LPM) with push-button selection
  • WhisperCool™ environmental control system for reduced noise levels below conversational speech at a distance of two meters.
  • Centrifugal, positive displacement, or regenerative turbine pump

This system also features a Lenovo Computer and accessories such as software discs, cables, etc.


See Optima ICP-OES Brochure Here

See 6100T Recirculating Chiller Manual Here

Additional information

Weight100 kg
Dimensions170 × 81 × 69 cm

, ,


6100T, Optima 7000 DV




Tested and Working

Chiller Temperature Range

-10° to +40°C

Chiller Temperature Stability


Chiller Reservoir Capacity


ICP OES Electrical Requirements

Max 2800 VA

Chiller Electrical Requirements


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