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Parker Domnick Hunter 20H Hydrogen Generator

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Parker Domnick Hunter 20H Hydrogen Generator

The Parker Domnick Hunter H high purity hydrogen gas generators offer the optimum combination of safe operation, reliability and performance.

Utilizing field proven PEM cell technology, hydrogen is produced on demand from deionized water and electricity, at low pressure and with minimal stored volume. Innovative control software allows unrivaled operational safety and reliability.

The Hydrogen generators ideally supply fuel gas to all known GC combustion detectors used in today’s laboratory workflows.

Technical Specifications:

  • Flow Rate: 160 ml/min
  • Purity: >99.99995%
  • Water Consumption (24/7, full flow): 1.25 L/week
  • Delivery Pressure: 0.3-6.89 bar g, 5-100 psi g


For further technical specifications please refer to the data sheet.

See Data Sheet Here

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Dimensions45 × 34 × 45 cm



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