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Panasonic MCO-19AICUVH CO2 Incubator

Panasonic MCO-19AIC is a CO2 Incubator with SafeCell UV, H₂O₂ Decontamination, inCu saFe, dual IR sensor and LCD Touch Panel Controller. Provides gentle vertical airflow, continuous with inner door closed.

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This Panasonic MCO-19AICUVH is a CO2 Incubator with SafeCell UV, H₂O₂ Decontamination, inCu saFe and dual IR sensor. This series features touchscreen control panels, delivering improved usability, rapid cleaning, as well as effortless maintenance. It still keeps to the tradition of outstanding environmental stability and precision performance.

The MCO-19AICUVH CO2 Incubator from Panasonic is great for high value samples by design. This includes, hard-to-grow and contamination-sensitive media or reagents. Four removable trays and more tray catches integrated with the chamber interior minimize and improve the ease of cleaning. Tray catches are integral parts of the chamber, allowing the incubator to accommodate more culture containers.

H₂O₂ Decontamination Cycle

Panasonic’s unique high-speed decontamination system utilises H₂O₂ vapour offers time saving and documented chamber decontamination with complete safety. The full process takes less than three hours, saving time. Decontamination of all interior components happens in situ, meaning there’s no need for removal and autoclaving. There’s no high heat emission so no need for removal of sensors. After decontamination H₂O₂ decomposes to water and oxygen via UV light. The outer door locks automatically during the decontamination cycle to ensure the safety of the operator. Due to not emitting high heat, you can stack these incubators; the decontamination cycle of one will not effect the internal conditions of the other.

SafeCell UV Decontamination

SafeCell UV includes a programmable ultraviolet lamp, isolated from cell cultures, that decontaminates conditioned air and humidity reservoir water to prevent contamination without affecting cell cultures in vitro. Destroy contaminants by trapping them within the humidifying pan at the base of the plenum by high intensity ozone free ultra violet light. Decontaminated, humidified air is released from the lower plenum for vertical convection through and around the perforated shelves. Interior air motion is suspended when the door is opened, minimising the movement of room air contaminants into the chamber. The unique air duct system also improves temperature recovery characteristics.

LCD Touch Panel Controller

The LCD Touch Panel Controller displays both temperature and carbon dioxide concentration simultaneously. It responds to touch from gloved fingers as the touch panel has a resistive coating. Above all, you can transfer data from the log with a USB memory stick via the built-in USB port.

InCu SaFe Construction

The InCu SaFe Copper-enriched stainless steel alloy interior surfaces were created within a technical design. It’s purpose is to both eliminate contamination sources and to mitigate the effect of airborne contaminates introduced through normal use.

Dual IR Detector Precise CO₂ Control

The dual detector infrared Carbon Dioxide system offers unprecedented control in both accuracy and stability by simultaneously measuring two wavelengths for continuous zero calibration. Benefits include ultra-fast recovery without overshoot, as well as accurate CO2 averages during periods of frequent incubator access via multiple door openings.

Accurate Temperature Control

The patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket conditioning system precisely regulates temperature through three independent heating zones under microprocessor PID control. Uniform temperatures are further enhanced by gentle fan circulation.

The main heater provides precise temperature control. The bottom heater warms the distilled water and controls chamber humidity. Meanwhile the outer door heater prevents condensation on the inner door and facilitates quick temperature recovery after door openings.

To avoid cell culture desiccation the MCO-19AIC maintains up to 95% RH at 37C. Humidification is achievable with reliable natural evaporation as well as forced air circulation. An automatic optical sensor protects the device with low water level alerts.

Applications for this Carbon Dioxide Incubator include:

  • Stem cell research
  • Autologous tissue regeneration
  • Genomic and proteomic expression
  • Esoteric plant and amphibian cell culture
  • Low volume media microplate work


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Additional information

Weight93 kg
Dimensions64 × 75 × 90 cm






This item powers on, has been tested by our engineer and is in working condition. It reaches the max temperature though we are unable to fully test without a gas supply.

Internal Dimensions (LxDxH)

49cm x 52.3cm x 66.5cm

Interior Volume



3 Supplied, with space for up to 4.

Temperature Range

5°C to 50°C, with +/- 0.1°C variation

CO2 Control Range

0% to 20%, with +/- 0.15% variation

Electrical Requirements

AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz, Max 1.8 A, Max 379 W

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