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Olympus BX45 Ergonomic Binocular Microscope

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Olympus BX45 Ergonomic Microscope

The Olympus BX45 Upright Binocular Microscope with a fixed reversed nosepiece which holds 4 objectives.

This high-performance laboratory microscope has UIS2 (Universal Infinity System) optics providing excellent image quality. It uses same ergonomically advanced Y-shape frame as other models in the Olympus BX2 series.

Incorporated in a 3-position universal condenser which complies with brightfield, phase-contrast and darkfield observations, and a gout inspection analyser that uses simple polarizing observation. Enables optimum illumination for observations from 1.25X to 40X.


  • Use no-cover objectives which are suitable for observing smear specimens (e.g. blood) with no cover glass.
  • 2x,4x,10x and 20x objectives equipped with ND filter enable the same level of brightness even if the magnification is changes from 2x to 40x. No need for brightness adjustment (e.g.of light intensity).
  • Employ a rackless stage providing precise movement and smooth stopping with no protrusion of the X-axis guide.
  • Fixed low stage nosepiece focus

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Weight14 kg
Dimensions60 × 37 × 77 cm






This item powers on but has not been tested, note that the light doesn't work, we can look into repair/replacement or sell as is, just ask.


100-120V/220-240V, 0.8/0.4a, 50/60Hz


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