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NUVE NF048 Haematocrit Centrifuge for Capillary Tube Samples

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This Nuve NF048 Microlitre & Haematocrit Bench Top Centrifuge is especially designed for the separation of blood samples, urine particles sedimentation and for carrying out the other routine applications in microbiology laboratories.

The body, lid and chamber are steel with epoxy-polyester paint. This means that the centrifuge is resistant to external and internal effects.

By means of the microprocessor control system, you can program both speed and time. The ‘pulse’ function provides the operator to run the programs of short duration.

It ensures safe processes by means of the locking system. This does not allow the centrifuge to operate or the rotor to spin if the lid is open.

The lid opens by pushing only one key when the program ends, providing safe and easy working conditions. There are audible and visible alarms to inform the operator when the lid is open, when the program ends and when any error conditions occur. In case of a power failure, you can open the lid manually by using a manual lid opening tool. There is also an observation hole at the top of the instrument to check the speed of the centrifuge by a tachometer.

Nuve NF048 Haematocrit Rotor

You can use the Nuve NF048 both as a microlitre and haematocrit centrifuge. Simply swap the rotor haematocrit with a compatible microlitre rotor.

When you operate the NF 048 with the haematocrit rotor, it can determine the haematocrit volume by means of the centrifugation of up to 24 blood (or other) samples in capillary tubes. With this rotor attached the maximum speed can be up to 14000rpm.

This item comes with a physical copy of the user manual and other pictures accessories for use with the rotor.

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