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New Brunswick Innova U725-G Green ULT Freezer

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You can use this New Brunswick Innova U725-G Green Upright ULT Freezer for both storage and preservation of all types of biological material. It combines classical insulation foam with vacuum insulation panels to offer long lasting and reliable ULT technology for safe sample storage.

Ideal for large-capacity needs, The New Brunswick U725-G Freezer is identical to the Innova U725 except that the U725-G replaces standard refrigerants with hydrocarbon based refrigerants and uses a superior fan design to further reduce greenhouse gases and energy consumption.

Ultra-low temperature freezers are traditionally high energy consumers as they maintain extremely low temperatures 24/7. With today’s high energy costs and focus on the environment, energy conservation has become even more important in the lab. Eco-friendly New Brunswick ULT freezers are designed to help you save energy by both minimizing cold air loss and by providing added advanced features.


  • Large capacity of 725L, with shelves and compartments giving space for up to 50,400 samples.
  • Efficient insulation, composed of traditional insulation, vacuum insulation panels, and Vacupor NT™ technology achieve energy savings
  • Efficient compressor control system reduces cycle times to lower energy consumption and increases freezer longevity
  • New automatic vent port on front door of upright CryoCube models improves energy consumption and enables fast sample access
  • Lockable main switch to prevent switch-offs by accident
  • High efficiency door seal
  • Location for chart recorder for data documentation
  • Ergonomic door handle of CryoCube models based on Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept requires less force and provides easier access
  • Some models are available as air-cooled as well as water-cooled for further energy saving
  • Full stainless steel interior for easy cleaning during maintenance and defrost cycles; powder-coated steel exterior

A highly efficient compressor control system reduces cycling times to lower energy consumption as well as increase freezer longevity. Environmentally safe, HFC-free and CFC-free refrigerants minimise greenhouse gasses. Biodegradable and commercially available high-performance synthetic compressor lubricants prevent oil logging. A single, quiet, condenser fan reduces energy consumption; most freezers require two. Built with 95 – 98 % recyclable materials (by weight). The New Brunswick Innova U725-G ULT Green Freezer also meets WEEE directives for disposal.

New Brunswick freezers reduce energy consumption by thousands of kilowatt hours when compared to comparable competitor models. The net effect of using a New Brunswick freezer instead of a competitor model: a 10 metric ton reduction of Carbon Dioxide emissions on average, over the life of the freezer. That’s equivalent to planting 65 earth-cooling, oxygen-replenishing trees. Plus, an average savings of up to 40 % in annual energy costs.

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Additional information

Weight315 kg
Dimensions102.5 × 86.7 × 195 cm






This item has been powered on, tested by our engineer, and is in working condition.


725 litres

Temperature Range

Tested down to -80C


Three compartments each have individual inner doors.
16 columns of smaller shelves of different sizes are included for maximum efficiency in storage.


Keys not provided though none are needed.