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New Brunswick Galaxy 170S CO2 Incubator

The Galaxy CO2 incubator is ideal for traditional applications where standard incubation is required.  It uses an easily-read LED display for the interface and an IR CO2 sensor with automatic auto-zero programmable function to ensure accurate calibrated measurements.

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The New Brunswick Galaxy 170S Incubator, has a six-sided direct-heating profile along with gentle convection circulation of the chamber atmosphere, maintaining stable temperatures and CO2 control throughout the chamber. This design protects against wide fluctuations in temperature and CO2 that stress cells.

Additionally, no fan is required, which eliminates a classic source of contamination, disturbing vibrations, and costly HEPA filters. Direct-heating technology along with additional features provide the most effective CO2 incubation environment.

Features of the New Brunswick Galaxy 170S :

  • IR Sensor: Provides specific measurement and accurate control of CO2 levels.
  • Advanced PI Control: Maintains temperature accuracy and uniformity while minimizing costly gas consumption.
  • Tightly sealed inner glass door: Enables viewing of cell culturing without compromising the sample or environment.
  • Unique perforated shelves: help to ensure rapid recovery of temperature, CO2 and RH when the door is opened and closed.
  • Temperature range: 4°C above ambient to 50°C.
  • CO2 Range: 0.2 – 20%.



Download user manual for New Brunswick Galaxy 170S

Additional information

Weight90 kg
Dimensions66 × 69 × 84 cm


Galaxy 170S




30 days (Richmond Promise)

CO2 Range

0.2 – 20%

Temperature Range

4°C above ambient to 50°C


User manual for New Brunswick Galaxy 170S

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