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Molecular Devices VersaMax Microplate Reader & Accessories

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The Molecular Devices VersaMax Absorbance Microplate Reader enables both precise and accurate detection at wavelengths in the visible spectrum without the use of filters, providing consequence-free assay flexibility. It provides both rapid and sensitive measurements of a variety of analytes across a wide range of concentrations. The VersaMax Absorbance Microplate Reader measures the optical density (OD) of samples at selected wavelengths in a number of reading modes.

The VersaMax reads 96-well microplates. You can mix the contents of the wells in a microplate automatically by shaking before each read cycle. Making it possible to perform kinetic analysis of solid-phase, enzyme mediated reactions (mixing is not critical for liquid-phase reactions).

This listing includes: A service report from 2020, SpectraTest ABS1 Validation absorbance plate, SoftMax Pro Protocols Calibration disc as well as a User Manual.

Molecular Devices microplate readers are designed to provide consistent performance for many years. The SpectraTest ABS1 Absorbance Validation Plate from Molecular Devices enables you to validate the optical performance of the VersaMax as well as many other SpectraMax model Microplate Readers.

The SpectraTest ABS1 Absorbance Validation Plate is a comprehensive optical validation package. The SoftMax Pro Data Acquisition and Analysis Software Protocol Library includes instrument specific protocols that automatically read the validation plate, perform the required test measurements, as well as make the required calculations. The software also enables you to customize the test report format.

Each ABS1 validation protocol is specific to the instrument you test.

SpectraTest ABS1 Tests Include:

  • Baseline Noise Endpoint and Kinetic – Measures the stability of the optical detection system (100% Transmission).
  • Optical Alignment – Determines whether the carriage is aligned and the light beam passes through the centre of the well.
  • Ultimate Dark – Measures the signal while obstructing the light beam completely (0% Transmission).
  • Photometric Accuracy (Linearity) – Measures the accuracy or linearity of the optical density measurement.
  • Photometric Precision (Reproducibility) – Measures the precision or reproducibility of the optical density measurement.
  • Stray Light – Measures the purity of the monochromatic light that passes through the sample.
  • Wavelength Precision – Measures the precision or reproducibility of the wavelength selection.
  • Wavelength Accuracy – Measures the accuracy of the assigned wavelength.

Click Here to see the Microplate Reader User Manual

Click Here to see the SpectraTest User Manual

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VersaMax Absorbance Microplate Reader




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