Milestone DMA-80 Direct Mercury Analyzer

Analyse both solid and liquid matrices with equal precision.

Typical analysis time only 5 minutes per sample. No sample preparation required.

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The Milestone DMA-80 is a Direct Mercury Analyzer that can analyse both solid and liquid matrices with equal precision at a high throughput, with a typical analysis time of only 5 minutes per sample and no sample preparation required. The DMA-80 is ideal for many applications such as environmental, geochemical, petrochemical , food and feed, clinical and polymer samples.

The system is easy to operate with a touch screen controller that provides access to all system controls, and gives feedback on performance. It also features an ultra low detection limit with a mercury measuring system with a unique optical path spectrophotometer, enabling a detection limit of 0,0015 ng of mercury.

Features of Milestone DMA-80:

  • High productivity
  • Typical Analysis Time: 5 minutes
  • Dual Tray Autosampler
  • Low Detection Limit: 0,0015 ng of mercury
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Accurate results over a wide dynamic range
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Matrix Independent – analyse both solid and aqueous samples with equal efficiency
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning


See the DMA-80 Brochure Here

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Dimensions50 × 80 × 31 cm


See the DMA-80 Brochure Here

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