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Miele Glassware Washer G 7804

Laboratory Glassware washer.

Internal dimensions: 62cm x 54cm x 54cm.


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The Miele Washer G 7804 is a glassware washer suitable for cleaning laboratory glassware in schools, industrial and research laboratories. The Miele Washer has a 2 level wash chamber allowing for high capacity, including 2 spray arms (with a 3rd spray arm in upper basket) ensuring a thorough wash.

The G 7804 includes Profi Monobloc water softener allowing for continual reactivation during the cleaning process leading to a high quality finish. The Miele Washer also includes a fly wheel counter to control water intake meaning a precise  amount of water is taken in, ensuring the ratio of water to cleaning and disinfection agents is correct for optimal results.

This washer has been used and has some cosmetic stains, but has been thoroughly tested and refurbished by our in-house engineer.

Features of The Miele G 7804:

  • Direct coupling of upper basket and injector mobile units to water feed.
  • Electro thermal door lock.
  • Access to check and control temperatures and temperature holding times.
  • In-built pump for tank fed low pressure Deionised water (ADP version).
  • Wash chambers with 2 levels.
  • 2 spray arms (3rd arm in upper basket).
  • One dispenser for powder cleaning agents and two for liquid agents in the door.
  • Profi monobloc Water Softener.
  • Space frame construction with side wall insulation– low heat and noise emissions.


Download user manual for the Miele Glassware washer G 7804

Additional information

Weight100 kg
Dimensions85 × 60 × 63 cm


G 7804




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