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Mettler Toledo Rainin SmartStand Charger Electronic Pipettes

Includes five pipettes capable of multi and single channel, 3x pipettes are equipped with 100-1200 microlitre multi heads 1x equipped with 20-300 microlitre multi head, 1x single channel pipette. Not calibrated.


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Mettler Toledo SmartStand Pipette Charger with 5x Rainin E4 XLS Electric Pipettes, both single and multichannel with volumes from 100-1200 microlitre LTS. Shows service status of 4 manual and electronic pipettes, reads and writes RFID, asset management, charges 4 E4™ XLS(+) pipettes, features both Built-in Bluetooth™ 4.2. and USB connection.

SmartStand is a unique, easy-to-implement solution to help labs adhere to their standard operating procedures and maintain GLP/GMP compliance. With SmartStand, researchers know the current status of their Rainin XLS or XLS+ pipette every time they use it.

The SmartStand Charger reads the RFID chip that‘s in Rainin XLS and XLS+ pipettes. It then instantly and automatically displays the compliance status of up to four manual Pipet-Lite XLS/XLS+ or electronic E4 XLS/XLS+ pipettes placed on the stand. Pick up a pipette and SmartStand‘s colour LCD screen switches to a detailed view of the pipette‘s service and calibration data.

SmartStand works with EasyDirect or PipetteX pipette management software. PipetteX uses SmartStand to collect individual pipette data. It then organizes it to provide a complete overview of your entire pipette inventory. Once in PipetteX, you can search, sort, generate reports and export pipette data to other applications.

Unique asset management capability with EasyDirect Pipette Asset Management software. This SmartStand and pipettes may not come with software, you’re welcome to enquire about this. Connects to PC via built-in Bluetooth wireless technology or USB.

SmartStand will charge up to four E4 XLS and XLS+ electronic pipettes simultaneously.

Click Here to See SmartStand Brochure
Click Here to See SmartStand User Manual
Click Here to See E4 XLS Pipette Quick Start Guide

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