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This Mettler Toledo system comprises a range of analytical instruments, which can be run standalone, or attached to each other. Includes: Seven Excellence S470 conductivity/pH meter, UV5 benchtop UV-Vis spectrophotometer, FG2 pH meter and DM40 density meter. Additionally, there is a PC with software to run a range of methods.

Seven Excellence S470:

  • Includes two pH modules and one conductivity module
  • Measures pH, conductivity, oxygen concentration and iron concentration
  • Interchangeable probes available for a range of applications
  • Modules automatically detect probe

UV5 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer:

  • Wavelength range: 190 nm – 1,100 nm
  • Measure transmittance or absorbance at a fixed, single, multiple or entire wavelength range
  • Use quantification feature to calculate concentration of an absorbing sample
  • Choose from 15 pre-programmed colour numbers and calculations, including CIELAB, Gardner, Hazen and Yellowness Index
  • Quickly measure water samples down to low detection limits using free downloadable methods

Mettler Toledo RM40 Refractometer:

  • Four-place refractometer for measurement of refractive index, BRIX or concentration of aqueous solutions
  • Fast heat up and cool down rates
  • Top section can be easily removed and rinsed with tap water, without the need for tools

Mettler Toledo DM40 Densitometer:

  • Measures density, specific gravity, API (petroleum), BRIX (sugar), alcohol concentrations, etc.
  • Includes FillPal, which allows automatic pumping of the sample

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