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Metrohm 794 Basic Titrino Titration System

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The Metrohm 794 Basic Titrino along with its accessories is an all-purpose titration system. Titration modes of the Metrohm 794 Basic Titrino are either constant or – depending on the titration curve – variable dosing of the titration reagent and Endpoint-Titration.

You can combine all operating modes of the Titrino to perform extensive analytical sequences. Storing ready-to-start methods for the most common applications in the internal method memory. The operator is free to both modify and overwrite these methods or to create and store their own titration sequences.

Ideal for training and routine analysis

Flexibility and easy operation make the Metrohm 794 Basic Titrino titration system the ideal instrument for both training and routine work. The dialog is led via the backlit LCD; no less than seven dialog languages are available. The method memory contains a number of applications that you can use immediately.
For routine operation you can detach the keypad; operation is then via three keys of the front panel: Nothing could be simpler!

You can request sample weight and/or sample identification before every Basic Titrino titration; this comes directly from the balance, which avoids any sample mix-ups.
Use the non-volatile memory for both methods and parameters; in sample changer applications it also assumes the role of the push up (silo) storage for sample data. Store the results of the determinations in the push up storage, statistically evaluated and processed into result reports.

Advanced methodological features

Apart from dynamic titration, which is suitable for most applications, the 794 Basic Titrino also masters monotonic and endpoint titration. In many cases the titration time can be shortened by the addition of a start volume. The 794 Basic Titrino offers the possibility of adding a fixed start volume or one related to the sample size.
During the titration, the measured variable, i.e. the potential (mV) or the pH value, is displayed together with the dispensed volume.
The 794 Basic Titrino has two high impedance electrode inputs that are selected according to requirements and individually calibrated. For titrations in non-aqueous media they act as differential amplifier inputs, allowing the application of the three-electrode technique. Another input is available for polarized electrodes, e.g. for determinations of the bromine number or bromine index.

The 728 Magnetic Stirrer thoroughly mixes the titration solution. Other accessories include 20ml and 50ml Burette Exchange Units.

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794 Titrino




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