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Memmert Peltier Cooled Incubator IPP 260 Plus

A Memmert IPP 260 Plus is a Peltier-Cooled Incubator, ideal for; microbiology, zoology, food, cosmetics or the pharmaceutical industry: this energy-saving cooled incubator with Peltier elements heats up and cools down seamlessly in one system.

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A Memmert IPP 260 Plus is a Peltier-Cooled Incubator.

It is ideal for;

– microbiology

– zoology

– food

– cosmetics

– pharmaceutical industry.

This energy-saving cooled incubator with Peltier elements heats up and cools down seamlessly in one system.

The Memmert IPP 260 Plus is intended for the storage of substances and samples. It it useful for the determination of life expectancy as well as for cultivation and incubation in a temperature range of 0 up to 70 °C. Low-noise, long-life and energy-saving Peltier cooling and heating technology is responsible for this.

In heating operation, a part of the required energy is extracted from the surroundings (heat pump principle). Condensation formation during the cooling down process takes place outside the working chamber on the Peltier element. In this respect, this IPP cooled incubator not only contributes to climate protection, but it also decreases operating costs by up to 90 % compared to compressor technology. This perfect development from the environmentally friendly and energy-saving heating/cooling technology allows outstanding control precision and extremely small fluctuations in temperature.

For the Memmert IPP 260 Plus, an application-specific correction of the heat output distribution (balance) between the upper and lower heating groups is possible with the convection ventilation. The adjustment range is from –50 % to +50 %.


  • Extremely quiet and almost vibration-free
  • No condensation in the interior chamber
  • Energy-saving heating/cooling technology combination
  • Fully insulated stainless steel door with inner glass door and compression door lock
  • Colour twin display with touch-screen
  • Stainless steel both externally and internally mean the equipment is easy to clean
  • Three stainless steel grid shelves with nine slots to hold them

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Additional information

Weight114 kg
Dimensions81.2 × 82.4 × 118.3 cm


IPP 260 plus




Item has been powered on, tested, and is in working condition

Temperature Range

0 to +69.6 °C

Language setting

English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, Hungarian

Adjustable parameters

temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), programme time, time zones, summertime/wintertime

Internal Volume


Electric Data

Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Electrical Load: approx. 820 W