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Meiji EMT Binocular Microscope

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Meiji EMT Binocular Microscope

The MEIJI EMT widefield Stereo Microscope consists of two converging compound microscopes which are combined as a unit to focus simultaneously on the same field of object.

Each body tube is fitted with a set of Porro prisms to erect the image and matched achromatic objectives and super widefield eyepieces to furnish a very wide flat field of view. Each eye observes the object from a different perspective, consequently, deep stereoscopic relief is produced in the fused image. This MEIJI EM Series Stereo Microscope widely is used for various applications such as assembly and inspection of semiconductor devices, and as an indispensable part in bonding machines and microtomes, as well as for educational, clinical and research purposes


Technical Specifications:
Height: 42cm
Width: 16cm
Depth: approx 32cm
Weight: 23kg

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Weight23 kg



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