Luminex 200 Flow-Based Reader & Luminex XYP

Luminex 200 Flow-Based Reader with Luminex XYP Microplate Holder and Heater Block

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The Luminex 200 is a flow-based reader coupled with the XYP plate holder. Setting the standard for multiplexing with thousands of instruments sold globally. The ability to perform up to 100 different tests in a single reaction volume, and to use either magnetic beads or plain polystyrene beads makes this instrument a popular choice for laboratories needing greater flexibility. Additionally, the 200 microplate reader is able to offer higher sample throughput with a 96-well plate read time of only 45 minutes.

Technology is based on flow cell fluorometry with Luminex-developed innovations. The two modules work together to allow analysis of up to 100 analytes in a single test sample. Assay analysis requiring temperature control is provided through the Luminex XYP instrument heater block.

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Download the Luminex 200 Troubleshoot Guide Here

XYP Technical Specification Here

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200, XYP




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See Brochure Here

Luminex 200 Troubleshoot Guide Here

XYP Technical Specification Here

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