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Labogene Fortuna 1800 Vertical Sterile Laminar Airflow Cabinet

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This Labogene Fortuna 1800 Cabinet is from a series of vertical sterile laminar airflow cabinets which incorporates both the latest laminator technology and energy-saving designs. With HEPA-filtration and a range of options, the Fortuna 1800 gives optimal protection of your product, samples as well as equipment.
The Fortuna range of cabinets are the ideal choice for your laboratory, wherever you need a sterile working area. PCR, cell culture, microbiology applications, microprocessor manufacturing, plant tissue culture, micro-electronics assembly as well as optics servicing, are just some examples of installations of the Fortuna range.

This cabinet complies with the requirements stipulated in EN 12469.


  • Microprocessor controller
  • LCD display indicating both fan and alarm status.
  • UV sterilisation.
  • Flow (Air velocity) sensors.
  • Clock (7 days) and hour-counter.
  • Pre-setting of automatic start-up, timer for delay start and timer for UV-light.
  • Alarm for any deviation from safety conditions.
  • Full programming of both alarms and fans through password protection.
  • Ergonomically correct sloping front for maximum operator comfort.
  • Motor-driven sliding front window.
  • Side windows, for perfect light conditions and view to the surroundings.
  • Three air velocity modes: Fan off, reduced air velocity or normal air velocity
  • One-piece table top for big working area.
  • Digital electrical direct adjustable Fan speeds
  • 2 UK power sockets

The Fortuna 1800 is the largest Sterile Laminar Flow Cabinet of this series, with a workspace width of 1800mm. It includes side windows (both left and right) with three holes each.

User Protection:

The steady airflow within the air system ensures constant downflow, allowing the HEPA filter to remove contaminants so that the product handled in the work chamber is always surrounded by near particle free air.

The laminarity of the downflow air ensures that harmful particles are not carried over the work chamber thus preventing cross-contamination. The design allows a HEPA filter to clean the downflow air within the work chamber.

To protect from UV radiation, the UV light will not turn on while the front window is open. While the UV light is on, the front window must remain closed. The closed window blocks out the UV rays. Opening the window will cause the UV light to turn off. If the light is on in the cabinet, the UV light will turn of automatically.

Monitoring of downflow air velocity guarantees that product protection remains uncompromised. Determine the velocity of the airflow in the work chamber using the built-in flow sensor. As soon as airflow velocity rises above or falls below a specified alarm value, an audible and visual alarm is activated.

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Additional information

Weight250 kg
Dimensions193 × 68 × 127 cm


1800 ISO Class 5




This item has been powered on, tested by an engineer and is in working condition.

Workspace Dimensions (LxDxH)

180cm x 65cm x 70cm

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