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Hitachi LaChrom Elite L-2000 HPLC System

This Hitachi LaChrom Elite HPLC System features an Organiser, L-2130 Pump, L-2200 Autosampler, L-2300 Column Oven as well as a L-2400 variable wavelength UV Detector.

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This Hitachi LaChrom Elite HPLC System features an Organiser, L-2130 Pump, L-2200 Autosampler, L-2300 Column Oven as well as a L-2400 variable wavelength UV Detector.

Traditional HPLC method development involves highly skilful, experienced, knowledgeable, and intuitive operators to generate efficient separation methods. This is often a time-consuming endeavour that does not always produce the best possible separation results, in spite of the best efforts. Automated method development with the Hitachi LaChrom Elite HPLC system in conjunction with ChromSword Auto provides a unique AMD system that will separate multi-component systems effortlessly, accurately and with significant savings in both time and costs for the method development.

See Hitachi Elite LaChrom Brochure Here

See Hitachi Elite La Chrom Manual Here


Hitachi LaChrom Elite Organiser

The organizer accommodates bottles for solvents (mobile phase) as well as a cleaning solution. It also serves as a power supply box for each module.

Hitachi LaChrom Elite UV Detector L-2400

The LaChrom Elite detectors utilize both advanced optics and innovative electronics to produce superior sensitivity performance at fast response times over a broad dynamic range. Active noise filters combined with a wide range of response times enable optimized data acquisition in highspeed chromatography. The LaChrom Elite detectors can rapidly record eluting peaks at the highest signal-to-noise without compromising peak shape. Automatic wavelength calibration and documentation within EZChrom Elite™ facilitate regulatory compliance for system suitability, and a variety of optional flow cells, pre-aligned and easy-to-install, are available for applications from micro to semi-preparative chromatography, making the LaChrom Elite detectors the right choice for any HPLC laboratory.


  • Spectrum recording with baseline subtraction
  • Variable signal output for optimum peak presentation
  • External inputs for lamp-off switching and auto zero
  • Available with a wide range of flow cells

Hitachi LaChrom Elite Column Oven L-2300

The LaChrom Elite Column Ovens incorporate new technology affording unparalleled performance in temperature control and stability. The solvent is pre-heated prior to entering the column, which minimizes thermal gradients and produces a constant temperature environment throughout the column. Peltier heating and cooling offer short equilibration times, and system connectivity ensures that sample injections are made only when the desired temperature has been achieved. Front-panel access makes installing columns a breeze.


  • Optimized pre-heating for enhanced reproducibility (retention times).
  • Optional valve systems to accommodate a variety of applications (multi-dimensional chromatography).
  • A record of temperature values are also made throughout the analysis

Hitachi LaChrom Elite HTA Pump L-2130

The LaChrom Elite Solvent Delivery Modules provide precision, flexibility, and reliability for the most demanding HPLC applications. Compatible with micro-bore, conventional, and high-throughput applications, the LaChrom Elite pumps deliver highly reproducible results over a wide range of flow rates in both isocratic and gradient modes of operation. As part of the LaChrom Elite HPLC system, the HTA  L-2130 pump is designed to meet your most stringent requirements, including regulatory requirements for documentation and system suitability, while providing constant performance at a low operation/ownership cost.


  • Binary high-pressure mixing or quaternary low-pressure mixing modes of operation.
  • Built-in timed events allow contact closure of external devices such as column switching valves.
  • High-resolution stepping motors and piston diameters. Both in tune for flow rate afford efficient mixing at low volumes in high-pressure mode.

Hitachi LaChrom Elite AutoSampler L-2200

Experience optimum sample management with the high-performance LaChrom Elite L-2200 Autosampler. The LaChrom Elite Autosampler represents a new standard of performance in HPLC. Whether you need high sample capacity, extreme precision, ultra-low carry over, or rapid cycle times between injections, the LaChrom Elite Model L-2200 excels. Fit to use standard vials or microtiter plates as well as the ability to reproducibly inject as little as 0.5 µL, it is the perfect sample management platform for the LaChrom Elite HPLC System.


  • A wide range of injection volumes from 0.1 µL to 4.5 mL
  • Dual valve design for reduced cycle time
  • Thermo-electric cooling option to prevent degradation of sensitive samples
  • Programmable developers’ kit for performing procedures such as automatic sample dilution and derivatization

See AutoSampler Manual Here

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