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This CP100NX Ultracentrifuge from the Hitachi CP-NX Series is for separating liquid-suspended materials with different densities and particle sizes.

The Hitachi CP100NX Ultracentrifuge pursues user-friendliness and reliability.


1. Maximum speed is 100,000 rpm (803,000 x g) (Note: Our engineer has not yet tested to confirm this)

2. When using RLM rotors, the rotor life management (RLM) feature manages the rotor life time of the ultracentrifuge, so keeping a rotor log book is not necessary. You can also extend the rotor life time by running it at lower speeds.

3. Touchscreen with easy-to-see colour liquid crystal screen.

4. Colour touch-sensitive liquid crystal display and graphic user interface with high contrast against back screen in black colour enable you to easily operate the system or select various menus and functions by touching the icon on the display.

5. The real-time control feature enables setting a start time or finish time, thus letting you run your machine at desired date and time.

6. Display and set centrifugal force (RCFmax and RCFavg).

7. Thousand varieties of 30 stepped mode can be programmed for a wide range of applications such as step running.

8. Various alert indication can notify users of both the causes and necessary actions of the troubles. It can realize troubleshooting easier as well as quicker.

9. Identify the current centrifuge status at a glance by the signal light of the upper front edge of the centrifuge.

10. Space saving design. The installation area required is 0.72 square meters (800X900mm). Lower top deck also makes it easy to install and remove the rotor.

11. These products spin very quietly, and are thus well suited for personal use.

12. Easily balance samples visually.

13. A CFC-free thermomodule cooling system is employed featuring a powerful cooling capacity.

14. In addition to both the door lock and the imbalance detector, dual overspeed detection system is incorporated for overspeed detection for even greater safety.

15. Multilingual display, with 11 languages to choose from.

16. Ten stage variable acceleration, ten stage braked deceleration control, plus coasting deceleration.


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