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The Fujifilm FLA-3000 Fluorescent/Radioisotope Imaging System, with its wide format Imaging Plate, gives you the power to do more. The FLA-3000 performs a wide array of imaging applications, from fluorescence to radioisotope (IP method). It’s ideal for SYBR Green I and II, SYPRO Orange, SYPRO Ruby, ethidium bromide, FITC, Phycoerythrin as well as Cy5.T.

Now you can quickly perform gene expression profiling using commercially available cDNA membranes up to 22 x 22cm in size. Able to scan a complete 23 x 40cm Imaging Plate in six minutes. This produces images of 50µm, 100µm or 200µm pixel size. Smaller areas, of course, take even less time to scan.
The FLA-3000 allows you to configure it to process samples labelled with either radioisotopes or fluorescent dyes.
The FLA-300o has a combination of two solid-state Second Harmonic Generation lasers (blue: 473nm, green: 532nm) and a He-Ne laser (red: 633nm).

Capturing images of samples with fluorescent dye labels has never been easier. At the heart of the FLA-3000 lies an exclusive, patented Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) laser assembly. Its SHG532nm
green laser allows for numerous applications to satisfy even the most demanding laboratories. For instance, the use of RITC, SYPRO Red, HNPP and Cy3TM is now a practical reality.
The FLA-3000 can also be configured with just the SHG laser along with a He-Ne laser. This makes it ideal for SYBR Green I and SYBR Green II, ethidium bromide, FITC, Phycoerythrin and Cy5,TM not to
mention alkaline phosphatase substrates such as AttoPhosTM and DDAO-phosphate.

The Imaging Plate in the Fujifilm FLA-3000 system is approximately 100 times more sensitive to emitted radiation than conventional X-ray film. What’s more, Imaging Plates are easy to use. They are reusable. They do not require a dark room or chemicals, and they can also be exposed at room temperature.


  • A FujiFilm BAS-MS 2340 Imaging Plate
  • Radeon Software
  • A FujiFilm BAS 2340 Cassette
  • Raytek Computer
  • Scanner

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Weight125 kg
Dimensions108 × 61 × 40 cm






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