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Foss OenoFoss Wine Analyser

OenoFossTM is a compact, simple-to-use analyser that measures multiple parameters of grape must, must under fermentation or wine in just two minutes.

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Foss OenoFoss Wine Analyser

OenoFossTM is a compact, simple-to-use analyser. It measures multiple parameters of grape must, under fermentation or wine, in just two minutes.

Fast Analysis Throughout the Winemaking Process

Replace time-consuming analysis with a single test performed whenever you need it. With test results in just two minutes you can analyse more frequently, giving you valuable objective information to support your decisions from grape maturation to bottling.

All You Need to Know From a Few Drops of Grape Juice

With Oenofoss, a few drops of must juice is enough to analyse grape samples. The parameter list includes organic acids, sugars and soundness indicators, allowing you to monitor grape maturity and plan your harvest accordingly. The multiple quality parameters allow you to segregate grapes precisely for maximum value.

Cost Effective Control of Your Wine Process

Oenofoss gives you real-time analysis of the vinification processes. You’ll still have to consider optimal growth conditions for the yeast and the risk of stuck fermentation, but with Oenofoss you can track trends in a tight measurement programme and avoid problems before they arise.

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