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Eppendorf 5920 R Centrifuge

Large capacity refrigerated centrifuge, complete with S-4X rotor, buckets and adapters for a range of sample sizes

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The Eppendorf 5920 R is a large refrigerated centrifuge, complete with S-4X universal-L rotor, buckets and adapters for a range of tube sizes. The unit can reach a maximum of 13500 rpm (limited to 4500 with the supplied rotor configuration).


Features of the Eppendorf 5920 R

  • Includes s-4X universal large rotor with four buckets and adapters for 5 mL Eppendorf tubes and conical 15 mL tubes (orange), 25 mL conical tubes and 50 mL tubes (blue), and supports for microplates / deepwell plates (both orange and blue). Additional rotors, buckets and adapters are available to order separately from the manufacturer
  • Quiet operation with minimal vibration (see the video above in the photo gallery)
  • Five user-set programs for quick and easy operation
  • Easily adjust the time, temperature and speed with intuitive buttons and LCD display
  • Set the time from 10 sec to 99 hr. 59 min, or use continuous run function or short-spin
  • Open the lid with the touch of a button. The lid is supported by two robust hydraulic hinges
  • Maximum RPM of 13500 (included rotor should not be used above 4500 rpm)
  • Automatic balance sensor to ensure safety
  • Benchtop centrifuge mounted on stand with lockable wheels, allowing easy positioning within the lab, or transport between rooms

Additional information

Weight150 kg
Dimensions73 × 76 × 78 cm


5920 R



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