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Electrothermal 3-Place Extraction Heater Stirrer Electromantle

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This Electrothermal 3-Place Heater Stirrer Electromantle both stirs and heats liquids with different boiling points next to each other.


  • Unique vented airflow ensures the case remains “cool-to-the-touch”
  • Stir or heat your solutions simultaneously in each position
  • Robust construction permits continuous operation of the mantles as required by routine extraction tests
  • Three positions with a stirring function
  • Both polypropylene top case and powder coated aluminium base provide excellent chemical resistance
  • Grounded stainless steel earth screen over every heating position provides added safety
  • Thermally insulated heater cartridge for maximum heat transfer to the flask
  • Allows both stirring and heating of the solution simultaneously
  • Provides stirring speeds of between 50 and 1000rpm
  • One stirring control operates each set of three recesses

Regulating the heat on these multi position extraction mantles is simple using the built-in solid-state electronic controls. Built for versatility, the units accept round-bottom flasks ranging from 100 to 1000mL.

Each mantle position has an independent heater, allowing liquids with different boiling points to be heated alongside each other, up to a maximum element temperature range of 450°C. Each independent heater has its own control dial, on/off switch, as well as an indicator light. If applicable, the light also indicates power supplied to stirring function.

The Electrothermal Electromantle 3-Place Heater Stirrer has a stirring function that reaches speeds of 50 to 1000 rpm while heating. The three-position model has one stir controller for all three mantles.

The lower part of the unit containing the control equipment stays safely separate from the upper heating elements by a well-ventilated air space. A quartz heating element is housed in a thermally insulated cartridge for easy replacement, extending the life of the heater. Both powder-coated aluminium surfaces and polypropylene top cover ensure good chemical resistance and easy clean-up.

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