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Edwards SuperModulyo Freeze Dryer Ice Condenser

Ice Condenser with Tray Cell Accessories forming a Freeze Dryer System for drying materials in bulk.

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The SuperModulyo freeze dryer is the ice condenser section of a high capacity freeze dryer system. It is suitable for a range of applications, from laboratory use to pilot plant feasibility studies. It features a horizontally mounted all stainless steel, smooth wall ice condenser. Both the horizontal design and hot gas defrost system allow the user to empty the ice condenser in a matter of minutes. It can remove up to 6kg of ice in as little as 12 hours and has a maximum ice capacity of 18kg.

The SuperModulyo freeze dryer has both a refrigerated condenser chamber and a vacuum pump. The refrigerant is CFC-free. Edwards temperature and Pirani S01 pressure gauge, controller as well as indicators are on the front of the SuperModulyo freeze dryer.

All of the SuperModulyo freeze dryer components are in a free-standing cabinet, which you can position alongside standard-height laboratory work surfaces. The cabinet is fitted with casters for ease of locating the required operating position. The SuperModulyo freeze dryer has inspection panels at the front, sides and rear of the cabinet. You can remove these for installation or maintenance.

This SuperModulyo freeze dryer has accessories for bulk freeze drying materials in trays. Other accessories can be purchased elsewhere to instead freeze dry materials in bulk flasks, vials or ampules.

Product Features

  • Space-saving console design
  • -50 ˚C horizontal smooth wall all stainless steel ice condenser
  • Rapid, hot gas defrost system
  • Vacuum & temperature gauges
  • CFC free refrigeration system

The drying accessories with this Edwards SuperModulyo Freeze Dryer are for applications where bulk material dries in open trays. The TC60 Tray Cell is a complete tray drying system. It includes a clear acrylic vacuum chamber with a six shelf rack assembly as well as six removable stainless steel product trays. An Acrylic Lid with the TC60 seals the top of the acrylic vacuum chamber. Both the 20 liter SuperModulyo and 5 liter ModulyoD are ideal for use with the TC60 Tray Cell.

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Additional information

Weight180 kg
Dimensions25.6 × 27.6 × 35.5 cm






Tested & working.

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