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Datacolor 800 Spectrophotometer with Accessories

This Datacolor 800 Spectrometer comes with accessories as pictured, including SpectraMagicNX Software, its instruction manual, quick start guides and calibration tiles.

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The Datacolor 800 benchtop spectrophotometer provides a platform for increased efficiency and colour measurement confidence. With an embedded processor and data storage, the datacolor 800 spectrophotometer delivers their best-in-class precision accuracy and fleet compatibility.

The Datacolor 800 is intended for use as a device for measuring, specifying and evaluating colour in both laboratory and production settings, especially where precise digital colour communication is required.


  • Unparalleled Measurement Performance:
    – No profiling required
    – Datacolor’s SP2000 captures the true spectral fingerprint of any colour at the highest possible accuracy.
  • Fleet Compatibility:
    – Fully backward compatible with existing Datacolor 600 instruments
  • Complete Confidence in Measurements:
    – Positioning camera and colour LCD ensure perfect sample placement every time.
    – LCD screen displays a colour coded instrument status bar to highlight potential need for maintenance. The above pictures show this bar is green.
    – Diagnostic data store on the instrument, ready to extract and share to enable remote diagnostics and minimize delays in issue resolution.
  • Quantifiable Improvement in Throughput:
    – 25% reduction in measurement time
    – Improved response times in Citrix and Terminal Server environments
  • Ultimate Flexibility in Fleet Connectivity:
    – Configure instrument fleets with serial, USB or Ethernet connectivity.
    – Multiple users can easily access one instrument.
    – Measure and automatically share data in real-time within a global Citrix or Terminal Server environment.

This Datacolor 800 Spectrometer comes with accessories as pictured, including SpectraMagicNX Software and its instruction manual, and calibration tiles.

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Additional information

Weight16.6 kg
Dimensions31.3 × 41.7 × 33.6 cm






Powers on but has not yet been tested. Like all our listings, this item will be tested by our engineers prior to dispatch unless otherwise stated.

Instrument Type

Dual Beam d/8° Spectrophotometer

Illumination Source

Pulsed Xenon filtered to approximate D65

Wavelength Range

360nm – 700nm

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