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Claind Brezza HyGen 400 Hydrogen Generator

With an output flow of 400 Nl/min, the Brezza HyGen 400 hydrogen generator is designed specifically for gas chromatography applications and can be used to feed both Carrier Gas and as a fuel supply for FID, NPD, FPD, TCD detectors.

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With an output flow of 400 Nml/min, the Brezza HyGen 400 hydrogen generator design is specific for gas chromatography applications. The hydrogen generator can feed both Carrier Gas and supply fuel for FID, NPD, FPD and TCD detectors.

The Claind Brezza HyGen 400 is equipped with the innovative HT PEM cell, with reliability certified by Proton Energy Systems. Safety is guaranteed also by the innovative controller software, which can be interfaced with the CPU or PCs for remote control. The HyGen 400 can run for a prolonged operating time without interruptions. The deionized water tank inside is easy to refill with a quick coupling disconnection and reconnection. When needed, you can replace of the final filter element without contaminating the hydrogen outlet line with air.


  • Flow of 400 ml/min
  • High purity of >99.9995% – can supply detectors and as carrier gas
  • Delivery pressure settable from 2 to 8 bar – suitable for “FAST GC”
  • CPU generator control unit with integrated user interface touch screen;
  • Front panel is easily removable for maintenance operations;
  • LED warning light indicates the operating condition of the generator
  • Flat base supports the generator on a level surface
  • The Deionized water tank drain tube connects via quick coupling for easy water transfer
  • Metal cylinder containing molecular sieves for drying the gas
  • Auxiliary water inlet hose connection for connecting an optional deionized water
    line (1/4” hose barb)
  • Deliver H₂ via a coupling which connects the hydrogen product line (G1/8 female)
  • Silencer for venting at ambient pressure
  • The H₂ vent has a coupling to connect to the hydrogen vent line (Quick disconnect for 4 mm
  • CAN bus connector for connecting the CPU
  • EXT CMD (for optional equipment)
  • Connector for electric power supply cable (IEC 320/C13) ; includes housing for main
  • Ventilation Grille

Modules from the Brezza Series by Claind are designed so that units can be stacked in order to save space, as well as interfacing up to 32 Brezza modules with one CPU unit.


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Additional information

Weight31 kg
Dimensions53 × 38 × 47 cm


HyGen 400



Hydrogen Capacity

up to 400 Nml/min

Deionized Water Requirements

up to 24 ml/h
Temperature from 5°C to 35°C
Max Pressure 1.4 bar

Electric Requirements

110/240 V
50/60 Hz
180 W

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