Bruker HCT Ultra LCMS/MS System

This LCMS/MS System includes a Bruker HCT Ultra Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer, CMC Nitrogen Generator NGM-11, an Agilent HS 602 Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pump as well as accessories.

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This LCMS/MS System includes a Bruker HCT Ultra Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer, CMC Nitrogen Generator NGM-11, Agilent HS 602 Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pump, Manuals as well as software and other digital extras.

Bruker HCT Ultra Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

This Bruker HCT Ultra Ion Trap LCMS/MS meets the LC-MS requirements of; sourcing maximal information from your samples, ultra sensitive measurements, smooth data handling and mining and both intelligent data interpretation and visualisation.
This high capacity ion trap (HCT) mass spectrometer offers dramatically improved performance for proteomics, metabolite profiling as well as other demanding LCMS/MS applications.

Fast scan rates enable real-time LC-MS across the fastest of HPLC peaks.

UltraScan™ mode provides full scan MS and MS/MS spectra at a speed of 26,000 amu/sec with better than unit resolution. The Fast Enhanced Mode allows reliable charge state recognition of charges up to 3+, with a mass accuracy better than a quadrupole ion trap. PeptideScan™ combines both of these two scan modes for fast peptide separations. Full scan MS are acquired in the Fast Enhanced scan, while AutoMS/MS scans are performed using the faster UltraScan.
The HCT Ultra fast LCMS/MS data acquisition delivers more productivity for your application:

  • High-quality data even from trace components, as more MS/MS spectra are averaged across an LC peak.
  • On-line, real-time LC-MSn from complex samples, as there is enough time for full scan MS and data-dependent MS/MS spectra acquisition within a single LC-MS run.
Improved ion storage capacity provides highest sensitivity for protein and metabolite research.

The new trap geometry of the HCT enables a 10-fold higher ion storage capacity over older trap designs – providing the highest sensitivity of all ion traps in both full scan MS and MS/MS.
This sensitivity directly translates into

  • More certainty in protein identification as well as characterization through enhanced sequence coverage.
  • Discovery of low abundance peptides and proteins, like phosphopeptides.
  • More confidence in identification of trace metabolites.
  • Better quantitation results.

Moreover, the supreme sensitivity in full scan MS mode is the prerequisite for on-the-fly data-dependent acquisition of LC-MS/MS data even on trace compounds.

Quality MS and MS/MS spectra
  • Superior mass resolution at high scan speed and in reproducible single scans.
  • Great mass accuracy for fast protein database searches and successful de novo sequencing.
  • A mass range up to m/z 6000, essential for AP-MALDI applications.
  • MSn capabilities for detailed structural investigations: Manual MSn up to MS11, AutoMSn up to MS5.
Intelligent acquisition controls generate high quality spectra from both the highest and lowest level compounds.

SmartICC, patented dynamic ion charge control, ensures high trapping efficiency in any situation: in full scan MS as well as data-dependent MS/MS, with high and low-level compounds, and with any mass distribution. An intensive ion beam from the orthogonal ESI source keeps the accumulation time low; no time is wasted by pre-scans.
This leads to an in-scan dynamic range of about 103, enabling the simultaneous measurement of both major and minor components in real-life biological samples.

Technical Specifications:

Superior HCT technology

  • Non-linear quadrupole high capacity trap with patented SmartICC directing optimal ion storage.
  • Unparalleled combination of resolution, scan speed, and mass range in MS and MSn.
  • Best mass accuracy of all ion traps.
  • Best MS and MS/MS sensitivity of all ion traps.
  • Fast Polarity Switching for on-the-fly acquisition of positive and negative ions.
  • SmartFrag™ creates reproducible MS/MS spectra for successful MS/MS library search.

Scan modes

  • Full scan MS and MS/MS in all scan modes for sensitive and fast analysis of unknown compounds.
  • Neutral loss scans e.g. for determination of protein modifications.
  • Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) with MS/MS and MS3.
  • Manual MSn up to MS11 in all scan modes.

CMC Nitrogen Generator NGM-11

Nitrogen generators from CMC Instruments are designed with longevity in mind. The NGM series uses membrane technology to provide up to 99.5% nitrogen as well as a continuous, high flow rate.

An integral compressor risks heat and/or vibration and/or condensation affecting both the quality of the gas and the lifetime of the system. CMC Instruments’ approach is to use a remote compressor or in house compressed air supply. Low cost of ownership and minimal maintenance is the result. There are no moving parts so an occasional filter check/change is all that you need. As well as the Integrated Flow Meter, this Nitrogen generator features a gas inlet/outlet manometer and a shut off valve.

The NGM-11 Nitrogen Generator for LCMS provides 11-40 Nl/min.

Agilent HS 602 Pump

The Agilent Technology HS 602 Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pump is oil sealed and driven by a single phase electric motor. The pump works with force-feed lubrication, provided by an auxiliary gear-pump driven by the rotor of the vacuum pump itself. This ensures proper lubrication even when pressures are close to atmospheric.

The entire Agilent HS 602 pump functional block is immersed in the oil contained in the casing. The oil guarantees perfect sealing of the discharge valves, enters the pump to both ensure lubrication and sealing of the parts inside, facilitates heat dissipation and reduces pump noise.

The Agilent HS 602 pump has a special antisuckback device which automatically isolates the vacuum system when the pump stops. This avoids rises in pressure or oil flow in the vacuum system while allowing air back into the stator chambers.


  • Pumping speed: 17.6 cfm
  • Ultimate pressure: 2 x 10-3 mbar
  • Inlet flange: DN 25 KF
  • Free air displacement: 605 l/min

Click here for the Nitrogen Generator Brochure

Click here for the Rotary Vane Pump Brochure

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HCT Ultra, HS 602, NGM-11




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