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BioTek ELX800 Microplate Reader

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BioTek ELX800 Microplate Reader
The Elx800 microplate readers feature on board data reduction and reporting. Reads 6-, 12-, 24–, 48-, and 96-well plate microplates. The model 13055-52 can read 384-well and 60-, 72- and 96-well Terasaki plates. Wavelength range from 400 to 750nm. Model 13055-54 optics to extend wavelength range down to 340nm.

Microplate readers feature a 2×24-character LCD and convenient soft-keys. Extensive curve fitting options include linear, cubic, quadratic, 4-p, log-logit, cubicspline, and point-to-point. Memory stores 25 standard curves and up to 8 microplate test results. Features auto or manual plate layout for blanks, controls, standards, and samples. Also offers control and assay validation, transformation and formula applications, and cutoff and call criteria.

Onboard software is easy to program to run sophisticated assays and analyzed without the need of computers. Additional software 13055-56 offers easy user interface with flexible data manipulation and curve fitting for basic endpoint, kinetic, multi-wavelength and spectral scan requirements.

Technical Specifications:

Min Wavelength (nm)400
Max Wavelength (nm)750
Light Source – tungsten halogen bulb
Linearity1% from 0 to 2.0 OD
Height (in)16 1/2
Width (in)7
Length (in)15
Height (mm)419
Width (mm)178
Length (mm)384
Power (VAC)100 to 240
Power (Hz)50/60
Description – Microplate reader, 400 to 750 nm, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 well


Item has seen previous use but is in good condition.

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