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Binder C150 CO2 Incubator with Hot Air Sterilisation

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Binder C150 Series CO2 Incubator

The Binder C150 CO2 Incubator features hot air sterilisation. It is the perfect partner for routine cell culture applications without the threat of contamination. Used, stand alone or in stacks, the C 150 is easily accessible. This equipment has applications in bio tissue engineering, cell biology, basic research, IVF and Pharma.

Advantages of the Binder C150 CO2 Incubator include being condensation free, even at high humidity levels. It has stable pH thanks to short recovery times with the drift free FPI infrared measurement. The interior is easy to clean, with neither fans or HEPA filters. Precise temperature control as well as outstanding dynamics.

Cell cultivation is a highly sensitive process, where a single germ can destroy weeks of work. This problem is solved with the both unique and secure approach of sterilisation by hot air at 180°C. Finely coordinated interaction of temperature precision, pH stability as well as saturated air humidity. The seamless deep-drawn inner chamber, without intrusive fittings, requires minimum manual cleaning. Binder CO2 Incubators provide you with virtually perfect natural simulation to ensure optimum growth conditions for your cultures at all times.

Important characteristics:

  • Electronically controlled APT.line preheating chamber
  • Microprocessor with LED display for temperature and carbon dioxide concentration
  • Various alarms as well as status displays
  • Lockable controller keyboard via 3 digit password
  • Standard compliant 180°C hot air sterilisation using an overnight cycle time
  • Drift free infrared carbon dioxide measurement system
  • Gas mixing head
  • Weldless deep-drawn inner chamber made of stainless steel as well as an integrated shelf support system
  • Water pan with built in condensation control
  • Automatic diagnostic system with optical and audible alarm as well as zero-voltage relay contact for central monitoring
  • Independent adjustable temperature safety device class 3.1, providing full protection against chamber over-temperature, with both visible and audible temperature alarm
  • Tightly-fitting inner glass door
  • Lockable door
  • 3 Perforated Shelves made with stainless steel

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Additional information

Weight75 kg
Dimensions68 × 98 × 81 cm






This item has been powered on, tested by an engineer and is in working condition.

Interior Volume


Internal Dimensions (WxDxH)

50cm x 50cm x 60cm

Temperature Range

7°C above ambient to 50°C

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