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Bigneat Filtair Ductless Fume Cabinet with Stand

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This Bigneat Filtair Ductless Fume Cabinet BC 1000 comes with an additional stand, providing a work surface height of 86cm. It’s a chemcap clearview ductless fume cabinet with a single filter stack. The opening at the base of the hinged front doors is trapezium style access. Chemcap clearview transparent plastic shielding on all sides provides clear all-round vision.

The optional support stand is an open-frame supporting bench along with wheels for easier transportation.

Ductless Fume Cabinets offer protection to laboratory staff when undergoing experimentation, testing as well as hazardous procedures. Preventing release of either fumes, aerosols, particles or vapours into the lab environment. Hazardous compounds are retained in a chemical filter and particulate HEPA filter so clean air is returned back to the laboratory. An operating Chemcap cabinet will remove odours as well as purifing air within the laboratory.
It freshens up the environment, making it a safer, more pleasant place to work while also improving the wellbeing of laboratory personnel.

The majority of the electricity consumed by a ductless fume cabinet is by the fan, which creates the airflow. Conventional fume cupboards draw air-conditioned air out of the room and then duct it away. Whenever possible use your ductless Chemcap cabinet which saves the cost of heating or cooling replacement air for your laboratory.

An important feature of this Bigneat Filtair Ductless Fume Cabinet is its portability; move it easily to wherever laboratory procedures are due, thanks to the wheels on the stand. Less walking therefore resulting in less risk.


  • Keypad control panel with both touch button controls and service due indicator
  • Audible electronic low airflow alarm
  • Clearview all-round vision
  • Easy clean – all materials chemically resistant
  • Energy efficient fan system
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Lockable front access window
  • Pre-filter can be bagged under negative pressure
  • Quiet operation

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Additional information

Weight100 kg
Dimensions102 × 64 × 190 cm






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