Bassaire A5VB Laminar Flow Cabinet

The Bassaire AV5B cabinet is designed to keep product and operator clean by maintaining a particle-free ultra-clean environment via vertical airflow

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The Bassaire A5VB Laminar Flow Cabinet is designed for directing unrestricted airflow towards sterility, prevent contamination and reduce and potential turbulence. Designed to protect both product and operating staff from sensitive substances, this laminar flow cabinet is suitable for a variety of applications such as pharmaceutical, general lab, medical and industrial sectors. The cabinet ensures a clean, particle-free environment with its filtered vertical laminar airflow. Featuring one-piece laminate construction with a laminated post formed worktop for added stability, the cabinet is specifically designed to provide a comfortable working environment along with easy cleaning and disinfection.


Features of the Bassaire A5VB Laminar Flow Cabinet:

  • Vertical laminar airflow.
  • Fitted internal lighting for greater visibility of the workspace.
  • Transparent side windows for increased visibility.
  • Silent and thermally protected fans.
  • Support stand not included.
  • Coated white for a more aesthetic appearance.
  • Laminated construction for more sturdiness.
  • Designed for easy cleaning and sanitising.
  • User friendly operating.
  • 240V

Additional information

Weight150 kg
Dimensions68 × 158 × 129 cm






30 days (Richmond Promise)

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