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Astell Benchtop Autoclave AMB420BT65

The Astell Benchtop Autoclave AMB420BT65 is ideal for traditional laboratory sterilisation procedures. Programmes can be set to accommodate all common laboratory sterilisation requirements, with time and temperature easily adjustable.

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The Astell Benchtop Autoclave AMB420BT65, in addition to laboratory use, can also employed in other areas such as: scientific research, process manufacturing, veterinary and medical healthcare industries. The autoclave has a variety of uses and is suitable for sterilizing laboratory glassware, plastic receptacles and containers, petri dishes, un-wrapped instruments, media, and occasional discard loads.

The autoclave requires manual water-fill, and during the cycle, condensate leaves the vessel via a silicone tube that can be connected to a heat-resistant bottle. The pressure vessel design ensures the absolute minimum amount of water is used during a sterilization cycle, which not only means comparably low power consumption, but also very quick heating and cooling.

Features of the Astell Benchtop Autoclave AMB420BT65:

  • 33L capacity
  • A fully programmable Touch Screen Colour Controller.
  • An electro polished stainless steel chamber.
  • A base shelf within the chamber.
  • An ultra quick Swiftlock door mechanism.
  • A self contained design with no installation required – just fill it with water and plug it in and the machine is ready to be used.
  • Sterilizing Temperature: 121 and 134°C.
  • Multi programable controller.
  • Data archive for up to 5000 cycles.
  • Multi-user access levels.
  • USB connection for USB back-up.
  • User log.


Download the Astell Benchtop Autoclave AMB420BT65 brochure.


Additional information

Weight100 kg
Dimensions84 × 50 × 60 cm






30 days (Richmond Promise)


Download the Astell Benchtop Autoclave AMB420BT65 brochure.

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