Air Science Purair BIO Safety Cabinet

An enivonmentally friendly biosafety cabinet.

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The Air Science Purair BIO Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) provide a primary containment work area for life science research, cell culture processing, and other applications where protection of the user, the work product, and the environment, and mitigation of cross-contamination on the work surface are needed. Biosafety in the laboratory is critical when work involves infectious diseases and toxins, as well as in cell and tissue culturing, where product contamination must be avoided. Prevention of lab acquired infections to personnel can also be achieved by reducing potential exposure to droplets or splashes, preventing contaminants from escaping the work area.
The Purair BIO maintains negative pressure inside the cabinet during operation to prevent contaminants from escaping the work area. HEPA filtration scours 70% of the incoming room air to protect the products, while the remaining 30% of the exhausted air is filtered by a second HEPA filter. Purair BIO cabinets provide ample workspace with environmentally sound operation, low energy consumption, and user-friendly operation.

Features of the Air Science Purair BIO Class II Type A2 Safety Cabinet:

  • Single EC blower motor design for ease of use, and reliability
  • Energy efficient, quiet, internal EC brushless DC motor
  • Membrane-style switches and an easy-to-read gauge for safety and durability
  • HEPA filtration lock
  • Double-wall plenum design prevents contamination
  • Constructed with VIRO-CUT antibacterial stainless steel
  • Surround air intake grille
  • Outlets are installed in the work area to guard against electrical shock
  • Heavy-gauge, one-piece liner with coved corners for enhanced durability
  • #304 stainless steel elbow/arm rest for an ergomonic fit
  • Robust Cabinet Construction
  • Safety Interlock Feature

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Additional information

Weight150 kg
Dimensions70 × 134 × 154 cm






30 days (Richmond Promise)


Brochure for Air Science Purair BIO Class II Type A2 Safety Cabinet

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